How to Write

I’m still figuring out how this place works. Slowly.

First: If you want to know how to write…read, watch and and/or listen to:

Ginny Good: A Mostly True Story (35 chapters) and How to Write (31 sections).

Second: Read “Oprah’s Dead Son” A 9/11 Novel (47 chapters)

Third: Read “Slick Solutions, Inc.” An Eighties Novel (8 parts)

Fourth: Read “Gerard’s Stories” (6 stories)

They’re all free ‘cause I don’t know how to make you pay for them.

Thanks. G.

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How to Write is self-explanatory but the cool thing is that it uses lots of quotes from Ginny Good, the only annotated, multimedia video book ever made.


I’ve been writing for a thousand years. Eventually I’ll get good at it. "...unpretentious, relentlessly truthful, shockingly beautiful..."